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What comes into your mind when you hear “Implement frontend and backend functionality by yourself”? I know it sounds super hard and requires you to bunch of knowledge. It’s kind of true if you go deeper into server side, but it’s also easy to get to start with them. In article, I would like to explain…

  1. How to create an app with React
  2. How to set up and run a server using Node.js(express)
  3. How to connect React to Node.js

Let’s get dive into a fullstack world!

1.How to create an app with React

If you have already created React app before, this section should be easy. …

Creating a full stack application sounds very difficult for people and indeed it is. It requires a lot of knowledge and huge amount of logics, but this does not mean it is impossible for beginners to implement these functionalities thanks to services called like BaaS or PaaS. There are lots of options to choose to implement backend functionalities easily, but in this article, I’ll explain how to do it with firebase because it is one of the most common ones now and very easy to use.

To learn how to use the service, let’s create a simple app that you…

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If you recently started learning JavaScript and doing some tutorial, you may have heard of API(Application Programming Interfaces). It is one of the most complicated concept for beginners and lots of them get stuck on it. In this article, I would like to explain its concept as easy way as possible and show the basic way to use API and show some simple example.

1. What API is basically used for?

To make things very simple, API is “a certain set of programming or data that can be transmitted through the internet.” Some websites use one API to get a set of data, like a database, or…

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You want to start coding and publish it to the world but have no idea what to do? Some websites show how to start coding from the very first step but do not explain how to actually publish it to the world, deploy. But on the other hand, some websites show how to deploy complicatedly. Beginners who created basic HTML and CSS get the result by their editor's extension but it does not mean they published them, then they get stuck. In this article, I'd like to explain how to start coding, and deploy it to the world.

1. Get ready for coding

What you…

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